How to use MGO +390/UMF 12 Manuka Honey

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How to use MGO +390/UMF 12 Manuka Honey

How to Use 390MGO Manuka Honey

When we first began to hear of the medicinal benefits of Manuka Honey, we were skeptical and thought that it was too good to be true.  Could this weed, that establishes on the least fertile slopes of our farm, really be so prized throughout the world for its anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits?  Initially, we were just anti!

Could this common native shrub really hold such unique properties and allow us to transform some of the least fertile corners of our hill country farm into thriving ecosystems where the Manuka helps to stabilize the slopes and the bees allow both the natural ecosystem and the clover based grass farming system flourish?  Firstly, we had to try for ourselves.

We think that all honey is amazing and when incorporated into a nutritious diet and balanced lifestyle can be a great boost and sugar replacement.  Having the benefit of the unique chemical Methylgloxal, Manuka Honey can also be added to an immune support routine which is so important during the winter months,  when you have children at school or daycare and when you are run-down from a busy period of work.  So how do we make use of our 390MGO Manuka Honey?

Spring:  This is when we are most busy on the farm.  All of the stock have been lambing or calving out on the farm over the winter and it is now time to bring them home for sorting, shearing and marking.  It is also the busiest time for the bees as the queen is rapidly laying eggs in order to grow the hives strength in preparation for the honey flow.  Each hive must be checked every 10 days to make sure they have enough honey stores to support the growing population and enough space so that they don’t swarm, leaving a weak and vulnerable hive behind.  The days are long and varied and it is common be leaving the house before sunrise and return well after sunset.  And the farm doesn’t stop for the weekend.  During this time, it is easy to get run-down and stressed.  Making a healthy Bee & Flow 390+ MGO Manuka Honey/ Almond/  smoothie  in the morning before shooting out the door keeps the energy levels up when you have to shoot out early in the morning and shift a mob of sheep before the weather gets too hot.

Summer:  The long hot Summer is always such a relief after the wet and cold of Winter and manic Spring.  Early starts, to finish stock work before the heat of the day are rewarded with long evenings spent enjoying bbq meals and fresh salads from the garden.  The harsh sun can be tough on the skin and Manuka Honey can be a great moisturizer for cracked hands and cheeks exposed to the sun and dust.  A skincare blend of Manuka Honey MGO390 and blended cucumber skin can sooth burned skin or be applied to the face each nice for a nourishing, replenished and soft feel in the morning 

Autumn: We love Autumn on the farm as we often have nice settled weather and the colours of the trees around the garden start to change from dark greens to effervescent reds and yellows.  Its a great time to explore through the bush with the family and forage for Walnuts, Feegoas and wild mushrooms.   Manuka Honey is great when added to some homemade energy bars, some walnut bread and a Vitimin C packed Fejioa smoothie.

Winter:  Everyone with toddlers will appreciate how tough it can be on all of the family when their littlies first go to daycare and start to bring home all of the coughs and colds that comes with a developing an immune system.  Its so hard to stay strong and healthy when the days are short,  its cold and wet outside and your immune system is being constantly challenged.  A shot of Apple Cider Vinegar followed by a green tea and a teaspoon of MGO390 Manuka Honey (link) is a great way to unwind in the evening and along with an active lifestyle that gets us outside and into the fresh air and sunlight whenever possible seems to keep us healthy through the Winter months.  If only Mary Poppins had a tea-spoon of Manuka she might not of needed any medicine to go down at all!

We would love to hear how you make Manuka Honey a part of your healthy lifestyle.  We at Bee&Flow are always learning, reading and being amazed at how our humble product is helping people all around the world.