Our Background

Bee & Flow is a Manuka honey enterprise established by a family with a Passion for the bees and to preserve the environment and way of life.

As a young family embarking on a career in farming, we are conscious of our role as stewards of the land. “For us to provide for our family and leave the land healthier and more productive for the next generation we have to learn from those that went before us while being prepared to think differently.  The role of  Bee & Flow Manuka in the farming business is a good example of how we have adapted to this amazing opportunity to share Bee & Flow Manuka honey incredible medicinal benefits.  Once a pest that was removed from the hill-sides it is now an important part of the farming business that supports the sustainable growth of the land into the future.  We are proud to be providing a truly unique and miraculous product Bee & Flow Manuka from the land that we care so much about preserving as an extension of our lifestyle living on the farm”.

Our Intentions

We recognise that customers have a desire to consume products that are authentic, sustainable and have a strong connection with the land that they originated from.  We share this desire and wish to provide Manuka honey that we know has come from bees who have been well cared for by us on land that is valued and preserved for future generations and through partners that are equally committed to providing only the best produce for our customers.

One - Unique Source

Bee & Flow Manuka is a unique and valuable product from a special place, situated in a remote and rugged part of Eastern Taranaki at the Headwaters of the Tongahoe River on one side and the shores of Lake Rotorangi in New Zealand.

The farm has been in the family for 5 generations with the early pioneers clearing Manuka to establish sheep and beef farming on the marginal hill country land. This form of grass-fed pastoral farming along with the fertile soils and high rainfall has long made New Zealand Beef and Lamb and exemplar for sustainable farming and quality produce. While this remains the case, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage some of the more marginal areas of land due to soil erosion and the constant regeneration of Manuka.

Bee Present & Flow

Flow is the result of the work of the bee and the beekeeper.  If we manage a healthy and strong hive then they will create a strong honey flow.  So our focus is on the 'Bee' to create a 'Flow'.

The concept of 'Flow' is a mental state where we are performing at a subconscious but optimal level. This is often described by elite sports people  and mindfulness as a state where they are highly focused and attentive to the game around them but not really 'thinking'.   In this instance the feeling of 'Flow' is the result of a mental focus on the present.  To achieve 'Flow' we must not think about what we should do or what others expect us to do but instead we just focus on the task at hand.  We are present.  We just 'Be'.

Our Philosophy

Bee Family

Be part of a Family, Family comes first.

Bee Sustainable

Care for the environment we live in. Manuka and the bees are part of sustainable story around the farm.

Bee Original

We want to deliver a quality product with our story behind

Bee Healthy

Health is our most valuable asset, we are not profit focused but quality focused.

Bee Grateful

We are grateful for the bees that produce this miracle food, the land and the people we share this journey with. 

In essence...

We are all workers bees:  We feel Happiest when we have something to work On"...  

Our brand and business can promote and share the way of life and farming that we are trying to curate while succeeding in business. Our goal is to develop our hill country farm into a more holistic business that uses Manuka to conserve soil and bees to fertilize clover for the pastoral farming system.