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Bee and Flow Manuka in America

Hey America!

We're excited to let you know that Bee and Flow Manuka is now available in America. You can now get your hands on our delicious range of Manuka Honey without having to travel all the way to New Zealand (although we'd still love for you to visit us!)


Explore the enchanting world of Bee & Flow Manuka, a mystical elixir from Eastern Taranaki. Its golden nectar offers tranquility with Manuka honey, wildflowers, and herbs. Each drop holds ancient forest wisdom. Embark on a magical taste journey and experience the beauty of Eastern Taranaki through Bee & Flow Manuka.

But that's not all, we're always looking for new retailers to partner, So, if you're a retailer in America who's interested in stocking Bee and Flow Manuka, just drop us a line at

If you'd like to place a large order or are interested in stocking our Bee and Flow Manuka then please contact our guy-on-the-ground, Mohammed and Saria, and they'll sort you out with the good stuff -